R & G Timber Components

Curved Verandah Rafters

Our Period Style Verandah Rafters are available in Bullnose style from 300 - 600mm radius, in increments of 50mm, in any section and length.

Our Ogee Verandah Rafters, and Convex & Concave Verandah Rafters are a standard profile.

Verandah Rafters are subject to strict regulations. Our rafters have been tested and will surpass the Standards set. This can be relevant should you have an insurance claim due to storm damage etc.


Example of a rotted rafterRafter Replacement:

When renovating replacement of rotted rafters or brackets can be reproduced to maintain the originality of your home




Bullnose Rafters:

Bullnose Rafters Diagram A

Bullnose Rafters Diagram B


Ogee Rafters:

Ogee Rafters Diagram A

Ogee Rafters Diagram B


Period Rafters:

Period Rafters Diagram A

Rafter Contour Details


To order, or if you have any queries about our Curved Verandah Rafters components, or to get map directions to our Showroom, visit our contact page.


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